Writing Enrichment Week


LATEST NEWS!!!! A thief has stolen our books…

This week children at Sulivan have been working hard on their writing skills. When they returned to school after half-term, they found that their reading books had disappeared! It has been their mission this week to persuade whoever had taken their books to return them. Read more to find out how the week unfolded…

Day 1

Children attended an emergency assembly when they were told that they suspect a thief has stolen all the books from the school. They set to work to investigate what could have happened.

Writing Enrichment Week - Day 1

Day 2

Parents were invited in to school to a special assembly to find out about our writing week. Along with the children, they were able to watch CCTV images of the thief in action – but who was it and why did he take our books? After the assembly, parents were invited to go in to classrooms to see the children hard at work. Parents then attended a writing workshop where they could learn new writing strategies to help their children at home.

Writing Enrichment Week

Day 3

Children attended an emergency assembly where they heard a voicemail that the thief had left stating reasons why he took the books. Our Sulivan children had the task to persuade the thief to return the books. They set to work to write their own exciting book to entice the thief!

Writing Enrichment Week

Day 4

Children completed writing their own books in order to persuade the thief to return their books. They hoped they would write a book that he enjoyed reading so much that he would return the books and have a lifelong love of reading. Well done Sulivan for your excellent writing this week…you persuaded the thief to return the books!

Writing Enrichment Week