Behaviour for Learning


We have high expectations for all our pupils’ behaviour. We pride ourselves on developing positive attitudes to learning and developing the skills in our pupils to overcome challenges, both personal and peer-to-peer. Our classrooms and learning spaces are calm and productive and we use clear rewards and sanctions to build trust, respect and expectations. 

We develop pupils’ self-esteem to respect themselves and others and teach them the skills required to regulate their emotions and behaviour. We support children to problem-solve and resolve challenges they may face, academically and personally. 

We teach the principles of Growth Mindset to give our pupils the resilience and abilities to develop positive learning behaviours. 

We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying and do not accept any form of prejudice, inequality or intolerance of others based on their gender, race, religion or ethnicity. 

Emotional Wellbeing

The emotional wellbeing of pupils is supported and developed by our ELSA programme. We have three fully trained members of staff, ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) who lead group and individual sessions for pupils who would benefit from additional support in this area. 

Zones of Regulation

We know that good emotional support is the key to building good self-esteem, resilience and empathy. These are characteristics we want for all our pupils so that they are ready to learn, build positive relationships and develop confidence in themselves. That is why The Zones of Regulation has been used successfully by Sulivan to support learning and behaviour for many years. This therapeutic approach understands the need for children to learn about emotions and how to manage their emotional and physical responses to a full range of experiences, demands and challenges. We use specific language, visual aids and cues, sensory tools and strategies to teach and embed the programme from Nursery to Year 6. We have seen, over time, the positive impact that the approach makes on the wellbeing, learning and relationships for our pupils and community.

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