Wellbeing and Relationships


Why is wellbeing important?

We have a strong tradition of supporting the wellbeing of everyone in our school community. In a world where change and challenge can disrupt emotional and physical wellness, we aim to develop good wellbeing and have the tools and know-how to be able to respond to the needs of our community. Hand- in- hand with this, we promote the importance of positive, healthy relationships and behaviour towards others. This approach is based on the knowledge that children learn and develop faster when they are happy and secure. We thread these values through all areas of our curriculum and school ethos. We draw on the proven benefits of nature on wellbeing and have several complimentary programmes that support specific areas of wellbeing.

Teachers and supporting adults, are trained and skilled in providing an emotionally supportive environment. We work towards excellent social and personal skills, high self esteem and emotional literacy with all our children. We use specialised programmes such as Zones of Regulation and ELSA to support our children to develop positive attitudes and behaviour for learning and strong emotional literacy for life.

  • Zones of Regulation
  • ELSA support groups
  • Mental Health Champion
  • Personal, social and emotional development curriculum