Green Sulivan polo shirt
Green Sulivan jumper or cardigan
Grey school trousers
Grey school skirt or pinafore dress
Grey school shorts
Plain grey or white socks or tights
Plain white hijab
Black school (flat) shoes
Green Sulivan fleece (optional)
Green Sulivan coat (optional)
Green and white striped summer dress
Sulivan book bag (essential)
Sulivan backpack (optional)
P.E. Kit
White Sulivan t-shirt
Plain black shorts
Plain black tracksuit bottoms
Plain white or black trainers or plimsolls
Sulivan P.E. kit bag

Children may wear a simple watch but no other jewellery (bracelets, necklaces and rings) is permitted.

Children with pierced ears may wear small, plain studs only.

Long hair should be tied back and all hair accessories should be small, plain and green or black.

Haircuts and styles should be smart and sensible.