Supporting learning at home


Remote education during school closure

Whilst learning at home, pupils at Sulivan have a rich and robust curriculum carefully planned by the senior leadership team and class teachers.

  1. Daily live lesson with class teacher
  2. Pre-recorded video lessons
  3. Independent tasks and activities
  4. Daily live story time
  5. Weekly live assemblies (x3)
  6. Small group interventions classes (live)
  7. 1:1 SEND provision (live)
  8. Social groups for children to interact in a less formal way, play games, talk with adult supervision via Zoom

Each child has been provided with additional resources to support live lessons and independent learning.

Each child has been provided with reading books at their level which are regularly swapped by the school.

Parents and carers play an important role in supporting children’s education at home. There are many ways we work with parents and carers to understand their children’s learning and the school’s curriculum.

Click here for more information about our Continuity of Learning plan.


Supporting your child’s emotional development using the Zones of Regulation

In partnership with our Speech and Language therapist we have developed a package of information to help parents and carers understand how to support their child’s emotional and social development. We teach and use the Zones of Regulation at school to help children to label their feelings and manage their emotions so that they are ready to play and learn.

Zones of Regulation

Watch this video to learn about the Zones of Regulation and how you can use it to support your child’s emotional wellbeing at home.

We have also developed a Resource Pack for families to use at home.

Growth Mindset

Learning through play

Information Packs

Reading at home