Our Environment


Our children care about their natural world and environment. We are an inner city school with a unique outdoor area quite rare in an urban setting. The school has extensive green spaces, some wild, some cultivated, which teach us about the world and our place within it. Children can explore and discover in our wooded area. They can dig and build in our garden and meadow. They can plant and grow in our greenhouse and kitchen garden. They can use their senses as they observe and wonder in our herb garden and on our pond platform. They can make connections between science, geography art and language as they experience the outdoors and learn from it and within it. 

Wellbeing and Mental Health

We know that nature and the outdoors are beneficial to our wellbeing and mental health. Our commitment to both these things as part of our educational provision supports our belief that we must protect the wellbeing and mental health of children in order that they may grow and flourish. We invest in our outdoor provision, garden school sessions and access to outside spaces in order to support the wellbeing of our school community. 

Children will experience a range of activities as part of our enhanced curriculum.

  • Class mindfulness and meditation 
  • 1:1 social and emotional interventions 
  • Small group wellbeing groups 
  • Structured and unstructured play 
  • Just Be 
  • Storytime
  • Brain breaks and quiet time