Outdoor Learning


Our curriculum recognises that time spent in nature has never been so important for young people’s mental health, development and academic progress. A Schools Week report stated, “helping children and young people to connect with nature, be more active and have fun together will promote and create the conditions for optimal learning.” Sulivan has a long tradition of providing high-quality access to learning outdoors and promoting the benefits to wellbeing and learning that time spent outdoors for children. We base our practice on the six principles of Forest School.

Our unique space

Sulivan has a very special outdoor area for all children to enjoy. Our spacious green areas are unique and offer opportunity beyond what you would expect in an inner-city school. This hidden gem is an oasis of calm, awe and wonder. All of our children learn from and about the natural world by observing living things, planting, bird watching, playing, den building and growing food and plants in the kitchen garden.

Enhancing our Curriculum

Our bespoke Garden School programme combines curriculum learning with developing an understanding and care for the natural world.

In addition to curriculum subject knowledge, pupils learn to be:

  • Responsible- environmentally responsible citizens and caretakers
  • Healthy- physical and emotional well-being and mental health
  • Cooperative and compassionate- work together to solve problems, achieve aims and tasks and understand others and their feelings

Learning alongside experts

By working with Hammersmith and Fulham Garden Association, we have a specialist gardener who guides children through the processes of the natural world and teaches them to be natural caretakers of our environment.