News and Events


June 2022

Family Fun Day at Sulivan’s Summer Fair!

Everyone had a wonderful day at this year’s Summer Fair. There were games, family bingo, obstacle courses, Splat the Teacher, stalls, ice-creams and cakes and so much more. One of the highlights was the choir’s performance as they sang a range of songs they have been learning this term. The PTA planned a spectacular day for everyone to enjoy!

May 2022

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?

We were delighted to be the carers of some very special guests this term! We waited patiently for the first signs of them hatching and we were so excited when the first duckling egg pipped, cracked and out came our first chick!

Children in KS1 were so excited to see first hand this part of the life cycle of chickens and they made sure they recorded all of their observations in their Egg Diary.