Our Approach – KS1 and KS2


What makes our curriculum successful?

Our curriculum is designed to equip our children with the academic and personal skills they need to succeed. There are many different pathways to success that our children will follow and our intention is to ensure our children have the breadth and depth of knowledge across all subjects of the curriculum in order to reach their potential. We have designed the curriculum with clear expectations of what children will know at each stage of their primary school education. 

A healthy, balanced learning diet

Pupils experience a broad and balanced knowledge-rich curriculum that encourages enquiry led learning, making links across subjects and acquiring knowledge and skills that are developed over time. Every morning, core subjects are taught so that pupils gain the skills required to be proficient and confident readers, writers and mathematicians. Wider curriculum subjects are taught each term in a sequence of learning blocks.

Wellbeing for Learning

Our wellbeing programme is embedded into our enhanced curriculum through a commitment to regular outdoor learning sessions, daily mindful moments and quiet, reflection time. We manage our curriculum and learning ethos so that we can support the wellbeing of our pupils and staff. We do this because we believe that good wellbeing is fundamental to good learning and that schools play a critical role in safeguarding the wellbeing of all pupils.

High Quality Teaching Programmes

We use a range of programmes and methods that are proven to be successful in teaching different learning styles. Before adopting a programme, we ensure that it is of high quality and will meet our pupils educational needs. We use the extensive professional experience and skills of our teachers to ensure that our teaching programmes impact on the progress of learning of all our pupils.

In lessons, we teach our pupils to be active learners who are given high quality models of learning which can be practised and applied in their own work. Teachers give pupils purposeful, real-time feedback in order for pupils to be able to address mistakes and misconceptions as quickly as possible. This is referred to as our Teaching and Learning Cycle.

Teaching and Learning Cycle
  • Revisit – review a concept
  • Teach- teacher instructs and models a new concept
  • Practise- pupils practise the concept and are given feedback
  • Apply- concept is applied in context and across a range of contexts
Text-based learning

Pupils are immersed into learning through high quality literature that is rich in language and ambitious for every learner. Texts have been chosen for their literary quality, ability to create links across subjects, inspire our young minds and develop language, thinking and individual ideas. 

Specialist teaching

In order to enhance the education of our children, we provide specialist teaching in P.E., Music, Computing and Nature Studies.

Planning for Progress

Our teaching programmes are designed so that teachers are able to plan lessons that impact on the progress of every child. These carefully crafted sequences of learning follow frameworks for progress in each year group.

Each class has a full and varied weekly timetable with a balance of academic and non-academic subjects. Core subjects are typically taught in the morning. The Wider Curriculum subjects are taught in blocks and linked to a termly theme and class topics.

To view our Curriculum Knowledge Maps for our wider curriculum subjects please visit: