We understand that finding the right school place for your child is very important and we want to guide you through the process. We welcome visits to the school so that parents and carers can see what is special about Sulivan, meet our staff and pupils and understand our ethos.

Nursery Admissions

Nursery places are offered by the school and admissions are decided by the Headteacher.  We will be happy to advise you on how to apply, eligibility for additional provision (30 hours) and our top-up fees. Nursery class visits are scheduled on Monday mornings. 

Reception Admissions

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016, they will be starting Reception in primary school from September 2020. The national closing date for applications was 15 January 2020 and the national offer date is 16 April 2020. Admissions to Reception are made via Hammersmith and Fulham Admissions

In year admissions

Some children join Sulivan from other schools, from schools elsewhere in the UK or from overseas during the school year.
Please contact the school to visit but all application should be made directly to Hammersmith and Fulham School Admissions

Contact Us

[email protected]

0207 7365869

Starting at Sulivan- Reception Class 2020


Welcome to Sulivan! It is my enormous pleasure to welcome the families and children who are starting at Sulivan in September 2020. I look forward to meeting you all, in person, as soon as we can.

Although currently many things are uncertain and changing, let me assure you that the Sulivan spirit remains strong; our teachers continue to support the learning and well-being of our children and we are working together to care, consider and have compassion for each other. It is with the same dedication that we will be ready with a warm welcome for our new Reception children who will start with us in September.
Starting at Sulivan means your child will be nurtured and excited to learn as they take their first steps into school. We pride ourselves on being a happy place for all children and we look forward to getting to know all the different personalities in our Reception 2020 class. We value every child as an individual so that they reach their potential and this is never is this more important than when they begin school in Reception.
Growing at Sulivan, children develop skills and talents, friendships and self- confidence. I believe that “from little seeds, grow mighty trees” and it is the way we nurture and provide for our children that enables them to reach their potential. Sulivan has high expectations for all children and we believe this is achieved by compassion, challenge and developing strong relationships with children and their families.
Connecting with Sulivan. If you are starting with us in September or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school either by email [email protected] or telephone 0207 7365869 between 9:00am- 3:30pm.

Wendy Aldridge


Summer Term at Sulivan


Welcome to the Summer Term. Although it is a very different start to the term we are still connected with all our families and have ensured that we bring the Sulivan “spirit” into every home. Our first priority has been to remain connected with every child and support their well being and learning until we are all back “under one roof”. During this time, we are clear about what we want to achieve; connection, care and consideration. As teachers, our hearts and minds are set very firmly on supporting our community and bringing learning and happiness to our children in whatever way we can.

Since closing, except for a small number of children every day, we have provided home learning packs, reading books and resources to our families. Over the Easter Holidays we were a Holiday Club Hub for local key worker families and others who needed our support. Since last week, our teachers have been delivering lessons, videos and activities linked to their year group curriculum and well-being priorities. We are using Class Dojo to communicate and deliver our home learning programme and we are so proud of all the activities; learning, cooking, making, helping, playing, singing and smiling we have seen our children enjoying whilst staying safe at home.

School Closure


Following the announcement by Gavin Williamson to close all schools at 3:30 pm Friday 20th March, Sulivan has closed until further notice and will follow the guidance of the Government on an ongoing basis. This is for all children, with the exception of vulnerable children and children of key and critical workers. The Government has stated clearly that if at all possible children of key workers should be kept at home as part of the social distancing policy. However, we remain open for children in those categories and in need of a place. School will be open from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm and will run on a skeleton staff. All children have been given a Home Learning Resource and access to the school’s remote learning platform. Teachers will be communicating with the children regularly to remain in contact and send new challenges, ideas and support. Children who are eligible for Free School Meals have been offered a packed lunch service this week whilst we set up the system to provide food vouchers to support these families.

World Book Day


Our favourite characters burst out of their books last week and joined us at school to celebrate World Book Day. We saw Harry Potter, the Cat in the Hat, Gangster Granny, and Cinderella to name but a few! Everyone at Sulivan enjoyed a wonderful day of reading as we launched our Share a Million Stories challenge. The children shared reading with friends, teachers, parents and reading buddies from different year groups. We started to count the stories we have shared on the World Book Day website. Keep watching our total rise! We wrote our own books with a friend, ran a Book Swap Shop, made a book treasure hunt around the school and talked about why reading is so important. We even made some reading promises to make sure we are all enjoying reading every day.

Junior Chefs- Pancake Party


Cookery Club celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes, delicious toppings and sharing them together at our “family table” which was beautiful set by the children.

This term Cookery Club children have been learning to follow recipes and work co-cooperatively together to learn new cookery skills, measure, work as a team and bake delicious recipes. Each child has developed new skills and has impressed Miss Genochio enormously with their careful and considerate teamwork. They are encourage to be as independent as possible and take on roles in the team. These roles may be Director (reading the recipe), Supply Manager (selecting and collecting the correct ingredients), Chef team (measure, mix, roll, cut etc). Everyone joins in with the clearing up!

The Club is excited to be working towards a special community project which will be launched during our Community Week at the end of March.

Year 2 at the Zoo!


Fox Class had a wonderful day at London Zoo, exploring the animal kingdom and learning about different animals from different places around the world. We watched the lion watching us, we joined the giraffe for lunch and we even spied a sloth in the rainforest. Seeing the penguins and watching them being fed by the zoo keeper was a highlight for all of us.

Nurturing Nature


Spring Watch! Children have been in our nature garden and spotting lots of signs of the changing season this week. It was exciting to spot the first snowdrops and crocuses bursting up in the grass meadow bringing colour and interest to the winter garden. Garden School classes have been planting seeds bulbs and learning about what will grow in our kitchen garden this year. As well as using the greenhouse, we are making the most of every window sill, the light and warmth inside to grow our young seeds until they are ready to go outside.

Maths Champs!


On Tuesday 22nd January a team of Year 4 and Year 5 children took part in the Thomas’ Day School, Fulham Maths Challenge. They were delighted to come 3rd in competition and we were all very proud of their achievement in their first maths competition. The challenges covered a wide range of the maths curriculum. They worked co-operatively as a team and the pre-challenge excitement (and a small amount nerves) were soon replaced by a great sense of pride and enjoyment.

Miss Bradley said “The children really impressed me. The competition really allowed them to demonstrate their higher level maths skills and stretch them too! They showed a really positive attitude as a team and how resilient they are in new and competitive situations.”