We understand that finding the right school place for your child is very important and we want to guide you through the process. We welcome visits to the school so that parents and carers can see what is special about Sulivan, meet our staff and pupils and understand our ethos.

Nursery Admissions

Nursery places are offered by the school and admissions are decided by the Headteacher.  We will be happy to advise you on how to apply, eligibility for additional provision (30 hours) and our top-up fees. Nursery class visits are scheduled on Monday mornings. 

Reception Admissions

If your child was born between 1 September 2017 and 31 August 2018, they will be starting Reception in primary school from September 2022. The national closing date for applications was 15 January 2022 and the national offer date is 19 April 2022. Admissions to Reception are made via Hammersmith and Fulham Admissions

In year admissions

Some children join Sulivan from other schools, from schools elsewhere in the UK or from overseas during the school year.
Please contact the school to visit but all application should be made directly to Hammersmith and Fulham School Admissions

Contact Us

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Sulivan wins Fulham’s Got Talent!


If you were passing Sulivan today you may have heard the cheers of delight ringing out from our school as the KS2 Choir learnt that they had won the Fulham’ Got Talent Choir competition! After over a year of the choir being suspended due to COVID, it reunited this term and began learning new songs and enjoying singing together again. The choir recorded their performance of Power of the Music. Next week they will be singing live as they accept the Fulham’s Got Talent Cup. The competition was judged by singing coaches from Stagecoach Fulham, a Childline Councillor and Luke Franks, Children’s author, actor and  CITV children’s presenter. The competition was organised by Thomas’ Foundation in aid of the NSPCC.

Super Sports’ Day at the Hurlingham Club


We enjoyed a splendid day, full of sunshine, sports, and smiles, at the Hurlingham Club. Children enjoyed a full range of athletic competitions and games in the beautiful setting of the Hurlingham Club. It was impressive to see the skills and talents of our children from Reception to Year 6 in this traditional and favourite event. As a special treat, we included a picnic in the day’s programme which added an extra excitement for all.

The Great Clay Display


Visit our gallery and see how children develop their skills in texture and form in art lessons throughout the school.

Sensory garden supporting wellbeing Sulivan


Everyone at Sulivan benefits from our nature garden and green spaces and recently we have been learning about the power of plants to support our health and wellbeing. Children have been enjoying our special sensory area in our Nature Garden during their Garden School lessons. Children in Year 3 and Year 4 have explored the variety of herbs growing in the area and benefiting from their calming and uplifting scents! In Nursery and Reception the children have been making scented and sensory playdough to support their sensory and physical development.

Year 6 Readers’ Cup Competition


A team of avid readers from our Year 6 class took part in the Thomas’s Foundation Reader’s Cup competition this week. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the chance to challenge themselves as they tested their literary knowledge! The competition is between a number of other schools in west London we were delighted to take part. Contestants had to read at least one of the selected books for the competition and then answer questions about the books – up against the clock! We really enjoyed taking part and eagerly await the results…

What were your overall impressions of the competition?

Dohha: Some of the questions were challenging, but we persevered and worked as a team.

How did you feel representing Sulivan today?

Suha: We are the first Year 6 class to enter this competition. I hope that every Year 6 class gets to do this in the future.

What was the best part of the competition?

Mia: Today was very exciting! I enjoyed working as a team to answer the questions as quickly as possible!

What book did you read for the competition and did you enjoy it?

Lilli: I read Ever Dark. It is not the type of book that I would normally read, but it is really good to try new things!

You have read other books by Katherine Rundell like “The Explorer”. Would you recommend her books?

Tesnim: Katherine Rundell is a very talented author who always takes you on an adventure. I want to read her new book called ‘Roof Toppers’.

What would you say to your team now you have completed the competition?

Mohamed: My team did really well. Some questions were tricky, but we got there in the end!

How did it feel taking part in the competition for the first time?

Amir: I felt quite nervous at the start, but once we started we were so focused and we had lots of fun!

Jessica: I really enjoyed reading the book and I learnt a lot! It was a wonderful opportunity for us all! ​

Spring Celebration


In March, the children happily settled back into school life, worked hard and achieved many steps in their curriculum learning. It was a happy and very Spring term with lots to enjoy, achieve and celebrate. We enjoyed our English and maths challenges when writing stories and advancing to the next stages in mathematics. We spent time learning about nature, nest making and even had time to travel to new parts of the world and learn about our place in the global community. Take a look at just a slice of life over the three weeks at Sulivan.

Year 4 Netball scores highly!


One of the highlights of this term must be the Netball games in P.E. lessons. Children in Year 2- Year 6 have been playing weekly games and have shown great improvement over the last few weeks. They really enjoy the opportunity to play a team sport, the competition and chance to show the ball skills they practise in P.E. Year 4 have certainly risen to the challenge and have impressed our PE coach, Miss Stringer, with their skills and attitude during matches.

“It has been wonderful to see the positive attitudes and skills on the court. The children have really enjoyed the matches and everyone has taken part. Year 4 have particularly stood out as very good players. We are looking forward to more matches soon!”

Our wonderful world- Year 1 explorers travel to Africa


In the Spring term our enriched curriculum focuses on the theme Explorers. This allows the children to learn about the different cultures, countries, traditions and literature from a range of countries. Pupils learn to locate places, continents, countries and oceans using maps and plans. Owl Class have learnt about the different climates and the physical and human features found in Africa. They learn to ask and answer questions when comparing them to our local geography. Their learning has reached across a range of subjects, including geography, art and design, cooking and nutrition.

‘My favourite part learning about Ghana was weaving the kente cloth as it was really fun!’ – Kenza

‘I liked the colour and the patterns. My pattern was green and yellow and it looks nice!’ – Khalil

In Owl Class, we have been learning about the continent of Africa. We know that Africa is made up of 54 countries and lots of happy people! We focused our learning on a few of the 54 countries, including: Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa. We read lots of fiction and non-fiction books to help us understand what life might be like in some of these countries, such as: Handa’s Surprise, Lila and the Secret of Rain, The Colour of Home, Fly Eagle Fly and Masai and I.

When learning about Ghana, we were interested in the colourful clothes and fabrics. We learned that the Ashanti people of Ghana are famous for their bright cloth called Kente cloth and they make it by weaving together silk and cotton. Each pattern and colour has a different meaning and symbol. Originally, it was only worn by kings and their court and now anyone can buy Kente cloth. Children learnt to weave their own Kente cloth using paper. We thought about the colours we would like to represent ourselves and the patterns on the strips.