Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum creates a culture of high expectation and aspiration for every child. It is a knowledge-rich curriculum that builds on prior learning by sequencing learning programmes within each year group and as pupils move through KS1 and KS2. Our high standard of teaching means that children to be highly motivated learners who have the confidence and skills to succeed independently as well as have the aptitude to work collaboratively with others. We support individual needs and abilities so that every child reaches their potential. Where children need additional support their learning is planned to meet individual targets. When children are ready for additional challenges, beyond the pace or content of the curriculum, teachers plan for extending their knowledge.

How is our curriculum designed?

The Sulivan Curriculum is a knowledge-rich curriculum designed to be broad, balanced and rigorous. The school is focussed on providing a high quality of education. Therefore we have designed a knowledge-rich curriculum that builds on previous learning and secures learning through a carefully sequenced progression of teaching in each subject.

What are the curriculum priorities?

Our priority is that our curriculum provides the knowledge our children need to be confident and competent in all subjects. However, we want our curriculum to not only equip pupils with knowledge, skills and understanding, but also ignite their curiosity, encourage their ideas and challenge them so they become confident to learn, develop and achieve.

At the heart of our curriculum is developing confidence and skills in language and literacy. Reading is a priority teaching subject as it is the most significant indicator for success in the future and allows children full access to the curriculum.

Our Curriculum is divided into Core Subjects and the Wider Curriculum.

What are are Core Subjects?

Core subjects are Reading, Writing, Spoken Language and Mathematics. Core subjects are taught daily and cross curricular links are made when appropriate. Core subjects are taught daily forming our core curriculum time. English and Mathematics teaching follow carefully sequenced learning plans to ensure prior learning is built upon and children become proficient readers, writers and mathematicians.

What is your communication and language curriculum?

Sulivan has an established and successful curriculum programme that recognises and prioritises the development of communication and language. This has been developed over many years with the aim that all children receive the benefits of specialised teaching methods. Our approach is to create early intervention and universal support in every day practice so that our literacy and communication curriculum is enriched with high quality teaching. All programmes are supported in joint work with the Hammersmith and Fulham NHS Speech and Language Service.

  • We are a communication- friendly environment with whole school practices that improve language and communication skills across all areas of the curriculum.
  • We have a unique Spoken Language Curriculum to enrich our teaching and learning.
  • We offer enhanced social communication support, including structured and unstructured play and social interaction sessions.
  • We have enhanced professional development training packages in order to deliver high quality teaching and interventions.

This enriched curriculum is designed for all pupils as part of their curriculum. Children with additional language needs are supported through our SEND provision. 

What is the Wider Curriculum?

The wider curriculum is planned by teaching the subject programme of study modules in learning blocks, typically two weeks. Some modules are revisited or progressed later within that term or year.

Each term, a whole school theme drives the learning experiences and knowledge acquisition in each year group. The theme for the term gives learning its context and foundation . Where cross-curricular links are not purposeful, subjects are taught discretely. A full range of subjects are taught in each year group, making links to the theme when appropriate. Each subject has a carefully designed curriculum map to ensure that progression occurs within and across each year. The curriculum content drives the topics to ensure that the quality of learning is high and expected standards are achieved.

Autumn- History- Once Upon a Time

Spring- Geography- Explorers

Summer- Science- Wild!

What else does the curriculum offer?

We want our pupils to make the most of every opportunity available to them at school. We value and nurture the interests and talents of all our pupils.

The curriculum is enhanced by a wide range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities that extend children’s understanding, aspirations and experiences. We arrange different enrichment projects for each year, including a residential “School Journey”, The Dragons Den competition, Into University, Music and Art competitions and workshops, and many competitive team sports and games.

How do I find out more about the curriculum?

The school has designed and developed its own curriculum and progression maps to meet high standards of education and the needs of its pupils.

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To view our Year Group Curriculum Knowledge Maps please see information about our Wider Curriculum.