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Ready to recover and RISE!


Every teacher at Sulivan is excited to welcome children back to school in September. We are ready to make sure that every child transitions back to school happily and confidently. In order to do this, we have created a unique Recover and Rise curriculum which draws on educational research and has a robust pedagogy. Our Recover and Rise curriculum has been designed by us to ensure our children’s wellbeing and emotional resilience is prioritised in response to their needs during the pandemic. We have a carefully designed and focused approach (RECOVER) in order for every child to be ready for new challenges and learning (RISE). Our curriculum will be broad and balanced so that children have every opportunity to learn a range of subjects, develop social, emotional and physical skills and enjoy and benefit from outdoor learning and the natural environment. Get ready to recover and rise!

Parents thrilled to celebrate Year 6 Graduation


Parents were thrilled to be able to celebrate their child’s achievements and mark the end of their primary school journey with a special, outdoor ceremony held in our meadow area. Every child had their “red carpet moment” as a line of teachers and staff welcomed children and their families through the school gates, clapping them as they made their entrance. Speeches were made by our Chair of Governors, Caroline Langton, Head teacher, Miss Alridge and Year 6 teacher , Miss Roberts and each child received a personalised certificate of graduation.

Before the children began their Leavers’ Day fun day, they impressed us all with heartfelt and powerfully presented speeches with messages of gratitude and hopes for the future. There was not a dry eye in the house as we all wished the class all the very best for their next step into Year 7.

STEM Week goes off with a BIG BANG!


Children have been learning across the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics during STEM week at Sulivan. Our theme of Super Space ignited the imagination and curiosity of children from Nursery to Year 6. Each class was given daily challenges and questions to explore and research. The children impressed all the teachers with their enthusiasm, creativity and STEM thinking skills displayed at home and at school. Families worked together at home on some very imaginative and explosive experiments; blasting rockets and galaxy jars were particular favourites!

Sulivan celebrates the Queen’s Birthday


On 15th May children at Sulivan celebrated the Queen’s birthday as learning at home and at school focused on wishing Her Majesty a very happy birthday. Teachers planned activities such as designing a royal tea menu, dresses and crowns and even an exercise programme to keep the Queen healthy as she is so busy! The celebrations also included a Royal Bake Off. Families baked together to create special treats fit for a royal party.

Starting at Sulivan- Reception Class 2020


Welcome to Sulivan! It is my enormous pleasure to welcome the families and children who are starting at Sulivan in September 2020. I look forward to meeting you all, in person, as soon as we can.

Although currently many things are uncertain and changing, let me assure you that the Sulivan spirit remains strong; our teachers continue to support the learning and well-being of our children and we are working together to care, consider and have compassion for each other. It is with the same dedication that we will be ready with a warm welcome for our new Reception children who will start with us in September.
Starting at Sulivan means your child will be nurtured and excited to learn as they take their first steps into school. We pride ourselves on being a happy place for all children and we look forward to getting to know all the different personalities in our Reception 2020 class. We value every child as an individual so that they reach their potential and this is never is this more important than when they begin school in Reception.
Growing at Sulivan, children develop skills and talents, friendships and self- confidence. I believe that “from little seeds, grow mighty trees” and it is the way we nurture and provide for our children that enables them to reach their potential. Sulivan has high expectations for all children and we believe this is achieved by compassion, challenge and developing strong relationships with children and their families.
Connecting with Sulivan. If you are starting with us in September or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school either by email [email protected] or telephone 0207 7365869 between 9:00am- 3:30pm.

Wendy Aldridge


Summer Term at Sulivan


Welcome to the Summer Term. Although it is a very different start to the term we are still connected with all our families and have ensured that we bring the Sulivan “spirit” into every home. Our first priority has been to remain connected with every child and support their well being and learning until we are all back “under one roof”. During this time, we are clear about what we want to achieve; connection, care and consideration. As teachers, our hearts and minds are set very firmly on supporting our community and bringing learning and happiness to our children in whatever way we can.

Since closing, except for a small number of children every day, we have provided home learning packs, reading books and resources to our families. Over the Easter Holidays we were a Holiday Club Hub for local key worker families and others who needed our support. Since last week, our teachers have been delivering lessons, videos and activities linked to their year group curriculum and well-being priorities. We are using Class Dojo to communicate and deliver our home learning programme and we are so proud of all the activities; learning, cooking, making, helping, playing, singing and smiling we have seen our children enjoying whilst staying safe at home.

School Closure


Following the announcement by Gavin Williamson to close all schools at 3:30 pm Friday 20th March, Sulivan has closed until further notice and will follow the guidance of the Government on an ongoing basis. This is for all children, with the exception of vulnerable children and children of key and critical workers. The Government has stated clearly that if at all possible children of key workers should be kept at home as part of the social distancing policy. However, we remain open for children in those categories and in need of a place. School will be open from 9:00 am – 3:30 pm and will run on a skeleton staff. All children have been given a Home Learning Resource and access to the school’s remote learning platform. Teachers will be communicating with the children regularly to remain in contact and send new challenges, ideas and support. Children who are eligible for Free School Meals have been offered a packed lunch service this week whilst we set up the system to provide food vouchers to support these families.

World Book Day


Our favourite characters burst out of their books last week and joined us at school to celebrate World Book Day. We saw Harry Potter, the Cat in the Hat, Gangster Granny, and Cinderella to name but a few! Everyone at Sulivan enjoyed a wonderful day of reading as we launched our Share a Million Stories challenge. The children shared reading with friends, teachers, parents and reading buddies from different year groups. We started to count the stories we have shared on the World Book Day website. Keep watching our total rise! We wrote our own books with a friend, ran a Book Swap Shop, made a book treasure hunt around the school and talked about why reading is so important. We even made some reading promises to make sure we are all enjoying reading every day.

Junior Chefs- Pancake Party


Cookery Club celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes, delicious toppings and sharing them together at our “family table” which was beautiful set by the children.

This term Cookery Club children have been learning to follow recipes and work co-cooperatively together to learn new cookery skills, measure, work as a team and bake delicious recipes. Each child has developed new skills and has impressed Miss Genochio enormously with their careful and considerate teamwork. They are encourage to be as independent as possible and take on roles in the team. These roles may be Director (reading the recipe), Supply Manager (selecting and collecting the correct ingredients), Chef team (measure, mix, roll, cut etc). Everyone joins in with the clearing up!

The Club is excited to be working towards a special community project which will be launched during our Community Week at the end of March.

Year 2 at the Zoo!


Fox Class had a wonderful day at London Zoo, exploring the animal kingdom and learning about different animals from different places around the world. We watched the lion watching us, we joined the giraffe for lunch and we even spied a sloth in the rainforest. Seeing the penguins and watching them being fed by the zoo keeper was a highlight for all of us.

Nurturing Nature


Spring Watch! Children have been in our nature garden and spotting lots of signs of the changing season this week. It was exciting to spot the first snowdrops and crocuses bursting up in the grass meadow bringing colour and interest to the winter garden. Garden School classes have been planting seeds bulbs and learning about what will grow in our kitchen garden this year. As well as using the greenhouse, we are making the most of every window sill, the light and warmth inside to grow our young seeds until they are ready to go outside.

Maths Champs!


On Tuesday 22nd January a team of Year 4 and Year 5 children took part in the Thomas’ Day School, Fulham Maths Challenge. They were delighted to come 3rd in competition and we were all very proud of their achievement in their first maths competition. The challenges covered a wide range of the maths curriculum. They worked co-operatively as a team and the pre-challenge excitement (and a small amount nerves) were soon replaced by a great sense of pride and enjoyment.

Miss Bradley said “The children really impressed me. The competition really allowed them to demonstrate their higher level maths skills and stretch them too! They showed a really positive attitude as a team and how resilient they are in new and competitive situations.”

Raising Readers


We have begun 2020 by announcing a range of reading challenges across the school. Reading is central to our curriculum and at the heart of our school culture.

Every class has had a set of new books to have read aloud at story time and KS1 and Year 5 have started their reading challenge for home reading. KS1 children are taking part in a reading treasure hunt to read as many different types of books and authors at home. Year 5 children are challenged to read for at least 20 minutes a day at home, keep record of their minutes and count them up at the end of term. The challenges were announced at the class Stay and Read session this month where parents come to class to read with their child.

Parents have also been to class this month at our Reception and KS1 Raising Readers- How to develop reading for pleasure and understanding

  • Echo Reading
  • Book Talk
  • Blank Levels Questioning

In March, we will be celebrating World Book Day and KS2 parents will be invited to a workshop Raising Readers- The importance of vocabulary and how to help your child. The workshop will be delivered in partnership with the school’s Speech and Language Therapist and follows on from the EYFS and KS1 workshop early this year Communication and Language- developing vocabulary – why and how?

The Magic of Christmas


Every child sings at Sulivan and 65% of KS2 play an instrument. This year’s Christmas concert promised to impressed and this is did with great success. A festive feast of music, singing and performing by our KS1 and KS2 children.

The children sang with confidence and filled our hall with joy and festive cheer. From the Christmas Medley sung in 4 parts, the jolly Rudolph song and the mind blowing Twelve Days of Christmas sung and played in 12 parts, it really was treat for us all.

Raising the roof (and some money) at Sainsbury’s!


The Key Stage 2 Choir sang a medley of songs at Sainbury’s this week to raise money for Save the Children. We raised almost £100 and brought a bit of Sulivan festive spirit to delighted shoppers.



A huge round of applause for our Nursery and Reception children who told the story of the the Nativity song, speech and movement. The audience were so impressed by their confidence and team work. Bravo!

Taking the stage at Sulivan


Presentation and performance are core skills in our curriculum as it develops confidence, spoken language and co-operation skills that are needed to learn and in adult life. This term’s class performances have taken us on journeys through WWII, Ancient Greece and the age of the Victorians.

Year 4 visit the British Museum


This term Willow Class (Year 4) have been learning about Ancient Greek history, art and literature. They have developed a good knowledge of mythology and the key historical events and people made famous in ancient times. Their visit to the British Museum inspired the children and brought the topic to life.

The class have been learning to present their work to an audience which they did with confidence at their class assembly. Parents, families and the whole school were impressed by their public speaking and performance as they sang, acted and presented information to the audience. They have been studying the myth of King Midas in English and are retelling and analysing it before writing their own versions.

Miss Campbell has noted that “the class have been really gripped by the topic. They learnt key facts and information about the time and used excellent critical thinking skills to ask questions, compare and contrast and view the period holistically; how art, literature and events link together to tell us the story of Ancient Greece in 2019. It has been wonderful to see how much they have learnt and how much they have enjoyed it.”

Wellbeing and Mental Health


Our Wellbeing Week was a wonderful way of highlighting the importance we place on caring for the wellbeing of our children and staff at Sulivan. Two years ago we embarked on a refreshed approach and now we are going from strength to strength by improving our staff training, reducing workload, investing in child-centred wellbeing programmes and working with a multi-disciplinary team to improve, safeguard and support the wellbeing of our community.

Squash at the Hurlingham Club


Children in Year 5 and Year 6 were excited to start their squash club at the Hurlingham Club this week. They all enjoyed being coached by an expert from the club, followed by maths tutoring before having a delicious supper together which is prepared by the club’s chef. The children will be going every Wednesday for 2 hours after school this term and we know how much they will gain from the coaching and whole experience!

Stay and Learn


We have been so pleased to welcome so many parents, grandparents and carers to our Stay and Learn together sessions. Each class has invited their families to learn alongside them and enjoy a morning of creativity and problem solving. This begins the year with one of many opportunities we have coming this year for parents to join in with us at school and for us all to learn together!

We’ll meet again… Evacuee Day in Year 6


Parents and pupils learnt side by side this week as they experienced what it would have been like to live during World War II as a child in London. Our topic enrichment day started with lesson of why WWII started and how so many children were evacuated from their homes for their safety. Our children dressed up and imagined living through the war as a child, saying goodbye to parents and having their lives changed forever. The day started by listening to the 1939 radio announcement made by PM Neville Chamberlain, writing a diary to record their first reactions and preparing to be evacuated to the countryside. It was a poignant and powerful way to start the term’s cross-curricular topic. Year 6 will be studying several fiction and non-fiction texts relating to WWII this term including Friend or Foe by Michael Purpurgo.



We understand that finding the right school place for your child is very important and we want to guide you through the process. We welcome visits to the school so that parents and carers can see what is special about Sulivan, meet our staff and pupils and understand our ethos.

Nursery Admissions

Nursery places are offered by the school and admissions are decided by the Headteacher.  We will be happy to advise you on how to apply, eligibility for additional provision (30 hours) and our top-up fees. Nursery class visits are scheduled on Monday mornings. 

Reception Admissions

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016, they will be starting Reception in primary school from September 2020. The national closing date for applications was 15 January 2020 and the national offer date is 16 April 2020. Admissions to Reception are made via Hammersmith and Fulham Admissions

In year admissions

Some children join Sulivan from other schools, from schools elsewhere in the UK or from overseas during the school year.
Please contact the school to visit but all application should be made directly to Hammersmith and Fulham School Admissions

Contact Us

[email protected]

0207 7365869

Year 3 Eco-Leader Project


Last term In Chestnut class, we were learning all about looking after the local environment​. We discovered that there are many ways in which we can do this. Chestnut Class thought about how they could help look after the environment at school. After a discussion, we decided to collect waste from around the school that could be used for compost. Compost helps reduce waste and also we learnt that it is rich in nutrients so can be used to help the plants in our garden grow. We placed bins at various locations around the school, made posters, spoke in assembly about what can be placed in the bins. We now even collect vegetable peelings from our school kitchen and add that to our compost heap in the school garden! 

Sports’ Day 2019


The children from Reception – Year 6 took part in another fantastic (sunny!) sports’ day at the Hurlingham Club yesterday. It was great to see so many smiles on the children’s faces and to see brilliant sportsmanship.

Many thanks to all of the parents for their support and encouraging cheers.

Summer Term Clubs


Please see below for our summer term clubs timetable.

This term we are delighted to invite parents to attend some of our after school clubs as well. Parents are welcome to join their child for:

KS2 Book Club – Tuesdays -3:30-4:30pm

Nature Explorers – Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm (Reception to Year 6)

KS1 and KS2 Spanish Club – Thursdays 3:30-4:30pm

Easter Bonnet Parade


Take a look at our Easter Bonnet Parade photos…

What a lovely celebration to mark the end of a very busy Spring term!

Communi-tea 2019


Following on from a very successful community week, parents, friends and family were invited in to a special Communi-tea event. The children and their guests were given a passport and travelled to different continents around the world. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the children’s learning from the term and to sample new foods from around the world which had been kindly prepared by parents. A fantastic community event!

World Book Day!


We had a wonderful World Book Day with so many children and adults dressed up as their favourite book character. At one point, I’m sure I saw Miss Trunchbull, the Cat in the Hat and Harry Potter all having lunch together! The children enjoyed a day of exciting reading and writing lessons. KS2 mixed up the classes and worked together to write their own adventure books with a partner from a different class. KS1 found new reading buddies and enjoyed a magical morning of storytelling today from the Freshwater Theatre. Finally, I was treated to a brilliant performance of the Runaway Pancake by the EYFS team who acted out the story for our Nursery and Reception children. The children were enthralled, as was I, and enjoyed every minute. Lastly, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who gave so generously to our fundraising campaign. We will let you know the total collected next week and we will be counting the steps towards our goal on our fundraising thermometer. The Read-a-thon was really successful and the Swap Shop attended by lots of eager readers keen to find a “new” book to read this weekend. Thank you to the PTA for helping with the Swap Shop. – Miss Aldridge

Sulivan is celebrating!


Sulivan has celebrated another successful Ofsted inspection by retaining its good school status following a short inspection on 29th January 2019.  Parents, staff, governors and pupils are very proud of this achievement and become the third Brightwells Academy Trust school to enjoy this achievement in the past three months!  

In a letter to parents, Wendy Aldridge, Headteacher, commented:

“I have uncompromising standards for my staff and pupils. I have a team of dedicated teachers and support staff that work hard to ensure your children’s education stands out as excellent, enriching and ambitious. During my meetings with the inspector it was clear to me that Sulivan is succeeding in many areas of our vision. Together we recognised the important developments we are making in standards in reading, writing and maths as well as the wider curriculum. The inspector was extremely complimentary during the inspection about the excellent behaviour and attitudes of all the children. She noted the many and varied enrichment opportunities, our strong community and support from parents that I value so highly. My discussions with the inspector were constructive and positive about the ways in which we can continue to improve the standards and outcomes for all our pupils. I look forward to working with parents, staff, governors and pupils, to ensure that Sulivan continues to go from strength to strength, providing the highest quality of education at the heart of our diverse community .”

Please click on the click below for the OFSTED website:

A trip to Antarctica


On Tuesday, Year 2 went on a very special journey to Antarctica! After boarding the plane, the children travelled to the chilly, snowy location of Antarctica. When they got there, they explored the continent – looking at the wildlife and learning about the weather. They saw so many things…some of their favourites included seeing the penguins and feeling the icy cold water. This term, they will continue their learning about Antarctica. We can’t wait to hear what they have discovered next!

Explorers’ Day


This term our whole school curriculum topic is Explorers. To “kick-start” our topic, we had an Explorers’ Day. We invited the children to dress up as Explorers – some chose to be a famous explorer and others chose to be linked to transport and journeys. The children took part in a carousel of activities – where they travelled the world learning about different continents.

We also spoke about how an explorer would need the Sulivan school values of kindness, tolerance, resilience, fairness, co-operation and respect when exploring new places. We finished our whole school assembly with this extract of an exploration poem by Edgar Guest:

The things that haven’t been done before

Are the tasks worth while today;

Are you one of the flock that follows, or

Are you one that shall lead the way?

Are you one of the timid souls that quail

At the jeers of a doubting crew,

Or dare you, whether you win or fail,

Strike out for a goal that’s new?

Tate Project


In Year 3 we are excited to taking part in a project led by Tate Britain this term. This academic year, schools across London have been invited to take part in a very special learning project led by Steve McQueen, with the Tate gallery, Artangel and the educational charity A New Direction. During the project, every Year 3 class across the capital has been invited to take part in one of the largest group portraits ever made. On Tuesday 8th January, a photographer from the Tate came to Sulivan to take a class photograph. Chestnut class were delighted to take part in this project and the children cannot wait to see the exhibition at the Tate Britain! ​

Challenge Week


A selection of photos from our Sulivan Challenge Week…


KS1 and KS2 House Gymnastics Competition


This week we had our first house gymnastics competition. The children competed in their houses across a range of elements:the beam, the floor, apparatus and the ropes. House points were awarded for effort, achievement and encouragement. Well done to all the children!




Reception 2019 Open Morning


Are you searching for the perfect place for your child to start Reception in September 2019? We know that choosing the right school place takes time and careful thought. We understand that it is an important and special time for you and your child. That’s why we want you to visit Sulivan, meet our leaders and teachers, see our children learning in the school day and ask lots of questions!

Come to our Open Morning  on Wednesday 7th November at 9:15am.

Book your place now and we look forward to meeting you.

Call: 0207 736 5869

Email: [email protected]

If you are unable to come on 7th November, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment at another time.

Year 6 Imperial War Museum Trip


As part of the Year 6 Into University Focus week based on WW2, the children visited the Imperial War Museum. Their task was to create a mini documentary based on WW2 using the artefacts and evidence from the Imperial War Museum. The children created documentaries based on rationing, evacuation, the Blitz and so much more. It was a great day out and the children rose to the challenge of being historical fact finders.

Reception Class Meeting


Reception Class Meeting Notes

Many thanks to all of the parents who attended our Reception Class Meeting. It was lovely to see so many people and to have the opportunity to meet you. We looking forward to working with you during your child’s Sulivan journey.

Transition Workshops


“Transition is a process, not an event.” Ofsted

Why do we have a Transition plan?

A happy and smooth transition from year group to year group helps your child to be confident and calm and achieve their best. At Sulivan, we plan a transition process that best supports the children’s needs, starting in the Summer Term and continued in the Autumn Term.Transition is a joint programme between the school, parents and pupils. Thank you to all parents who were able to attend our Transition Workshops on Wednesday 18th July. Please find the links below to the relevant information for your child’s next year group. Please speak to your child’s new class teacher for the Home Learning Tool Kits.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

KS1 and KS2 Sports’ Day


Ready, steady, go! Well done to all of our KS1 and KS2 children for participating in such a fantastic sports’ day at The Hurlingham Club. Thank you to all of the teachers for their hard work and to all of our wonderful supporters who came and cheered in the sun. 

Summer Fair


The sun was shining and people were smiling as they enjoyed our annual summer fair.  From bouncy castles to face painting, arts and crafts to a world cup style family football tournament (not to mention food from every corner of the world and so much more!) there was plenty to keep our children, parents and members of the community busy. Thank you to the PTA for organising such a lovely fair for everybody to enjoy. And thank you to staff, children and parents for their support throughout the day. It was a pleasure to see our whole community enjoy a fun, happy and successful day. We are delighted to say that we raised an impressive £2,149 for school resources. 

Royal Wedding Celebrations


On Thursday 17th May our Foundation Stage children, parents, carers and community members celebrated the Royal Wedding and the opening of their newly planted Foundation Stage Garden. The children came to school dressed for a smart party and some came dressed as either a Prince or a Princess. The celebrations continued throughout the afternoon with a cream tea, strawberries and cream, a treasure hunt in the garden and the children performed two of their special songs. Thank you to all who helped contribute towards the success of this event. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the Royal Wedding and a memorable occasion to mark the opening of the newly planted garden.

Easter Bonnet Parade


The perfect way to end our Spring Term…an Easter Bonnet Parade. We gathered as a whole school in the small playground and each class paraded around whilst the other children clapped and sang. It was lovely to see so many smiley faces!

World Book Day


Another fantastic Sulivan celebration of World Book Day

An amazing celebration of book characters past and present.

Year 6 SATs preparation


Our Year 6 children have been working extremely hard in the run up to their SATs. Well done to all of the children for their hard work, determination and focus since coming back from the Easter holidays. We are very proud of them all!

Summer Term Clubs


Clubs start this week – w/c 30th April

We have been able to offer 17 after-school clubs this term ranging from yoga to reading, athletics to construction and everything in between! There are still some places available for some clubs. Please sign up or speak to the office as soon as possible if you’d like a place.

Sulivan visit the Canary Islands!


On Friday 26th January children from Sulivan celebrated Spanish Day by using the Canary Islands as their inspiration for the day. The classes travelled to different classrooms and were taught by different teachers, learning about art, food, culture, language, music, history and geography of the Canary Islands. They have listened to stories in Spanish and talked about places they have visited in Spain or Spanish speaking countries.

Christmas Fair 2017


Thank you to our wonderful PTA who organised yet another fabulous Christmas Fair, and a big thank you to everyone who donated prizes for our raffle.

Sulivan’s Christmas Nativity 2017


Children from our Nursery and Reception classes performed in a nativity called ‘The Sleepy Shepherd’ this year.  They sang beautifully and definitely looked the part!

Sulivan’s Choir sing at a Christingle Service


On 14th December, some of our children in KS2 attended the Christingle Service at St. Matthew’s Church and performed in the choir. The children sang beautifully and enjoyed the experience. Najae (Year 6 ) said “I always love going to the Christingle Service and look forward to singing there every year.” Thank you to St. Matthew’s Church for inviting us to perform.

Sulivan’s Christmas Concert 2017


Our children in years 1 to 6 performed to parents and carers during the week of 11th December in a series of concerts. Songs included Little Donkey, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Merry Christmas, whilst the Jazz Band, Rock Band and Flute Quartet showed off their instrumental talents too! Thank you to our peripatetic team whoaccompanied the children, and of course a big thank you to all our parents who came along to support the event. The children made us very proud!


Choir sing at Hammersmith Town Hall


On 12th December, some KS2 children from our choir took part in the Tri-Borough Music Hub’s Christmas Festival and went along to the Town Hall to sing as part of a massed choir. It was an amazing experience for our children and they made us very proud!

Sulivan Choir sing at Chelsea Football Club


Children from Years 3 to 6 were invited to sing at Stamford Bridge on Thursday 30th November. The children sang beautifully and got everyone in to the festive spirit!

Year 3 attend a Royal College of Music Concert


Our Year 3 classes went to watch a concert led by the Royal College of Music in Pimlico on Tuesday 21st November. They had great seats and could see the orchestra really close up! They saw instruments that had never seen before like the contra bassoon, tuba and double basses.

Year 3 celebrate Roman Day


To end the Roman topic, Year 3 had a Roman day on the 29th of November. They baked bread, learnt about Roman numerals and enjoyed a Roman style feast. Then on the 30th of November the parents came into the hall to view our Roman exhibition. The children were able to talk about all they had learnt.


Year 6 graduate from University!


Our Year 6 class took part in an ‘Into University’ project last week. The project gave them an opporunity to think about what they would like to be when they grow up, and how they may reach their goals through further education. Children took part in a range of activities including drama, presentation skills and team work, concluding with their very own graduation ceremony!

Festival of Music


On 10th July our Festival of Music began which included 70 instrumentalists performing to their friends a families in a series of concerts. We were very proud of their achievements. Thank you to our peripatetic team; Mr Norman, Mr Murgatroyd, Mr Clarkson, and Miss Penney who came in to perform and lead the concerts.

Year 6 go on School Journey


Our Year 6 children have enjoyed their week away from school! A big thank you goes to Mr Walker, Mrs Rankin and Mr Richards who gave up their time to take the children.


Sports Day 2017


On Monday 22nd May we enjoyed our annual Sports Day at the Hurlingham Club. Running, long jump, sack race, the egg and spoon race and javelin throwing were some of the activites our children took part in. Well done to all the children for taking part, and to Miss Roberts and Miss Stringer who organised a fabulous day.

Year 6 take to the roads


Year 6 have been taking part in their cycling proficiency training this week. Lessons begun in the playground where they learned how to stay safe on the roads, be considerate riders, and how to ensure their bike is safe to ride. The children have now taken to the roads!

Year 4 make chutney!


Children in Year 4 have taken part in a fantastic project at Fulham Cross School this week, where they have made their own chutneys. They were involved in every part of the process, including designing their own recipes, picking the vegetables from the garden, and designing the labels. The final products will then be sold in local Wholefoods shops. Children from Year 4 across the Brightwells Academy have been involved in this new project. We can’t wait to taste them!




Easter Bonnet Parade


Happy Easter from all the children and staff at Sulivan Primary School!