SEND Support


We offer an inclusive curriculum that aims to meet all pupils’ needs. The majority of pupils’ needs will be met through classroom teaching. When a child’s progress or ability to access the full curriculum is not as expected for their age the school will assess their needs and implement a graduated approach to supporting all SEND. The four areas of SEND are supported by the school, specialist agencies and the local SEND offer. 

  • Communication and Interaction.
  • Cognition and Learning.
  • Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties.
  • Physical and/or Sensory Needs.

SEND support is graduated to ensure that the needs of pupils are met by the school and the local authority. The appropriate level of support is determined and discussed between the school and parents.


Level 1 

Quality first teaching gives all pupils access to the age-appropriate curriculum with moderate differentiation and class support and/or differentiated and adapted learning tasks. 

Level 2

Alongside quality first teaching, a pupil is given additional support through highly differentiated planning, in-class additional support and adapted learning tasks. A pupil’s needs are assessed by the school for requiring targeted intervention sessions provided by the school in order to work towards specific targets within a set timeframe.

Level 3

A higher level of support has been identified for the pupil in one or more of the areas of SEND. The pupil’s strengths, needs and progress has been assessed over at least two terms. The school identifies that additional support from specialist agencies is required to meet the pupil’s needs. The school supports referral/s to external agencies for SEND assessments for specialist support via the local offer. Assessments inform additional support, targets and specialist support required to meet the pupil’s needs.

Level 4

Long term, high needs support is likely to be required by the pupil in order to access the curriculum. The school/parent/carer agree to make a referral for the assessment for higher needs support via an Education, Health, Care Plan (E.H.C.P) to the Local Authority. The E.H.C.P Needs Assessment process begins to assess the SEND needs of the pupil.

Level 5

The pupil is issued with a Implementation of highly specialised support via an EHCP (Education, Health Care Plan) issued by the Local Authority SEND offer. 

To view the school’s SEND policy please click here.