The Great Clay Display


Visit our gallery and see how children develop their skills in texture and form in art lessons throughout the school.

Sensory garden supporting wellbeing Sulivan


Everyone at Sulivan benefits from our nature garden and green spaces and recently we have been learning about the power of plants to support our health and wellbeing. Children have been enjoying our special sensory area in our Nature Garden during their Garden School lessons. Children in Year 3 and Year 4 have explored the variety of herbs growing in the area and benefiting from their calming and uplifting scents! In Nursery and Reception the children have been making scented and sensory playdough to support their sensory and physical development.

Year 6 Readers’ Cup Competition


A team of avid readers from our Year 6 class took part in the Thomas’s Foundation Reader’s Cup competition this week. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the chance to challenge themselves as they tested their literary knowledge! The competition is between a number of other schools in west London we were delighted to take part. Contestants had to read at least one of the selected books for the competition and then answer questions about the books – up against the clock! We really enjoyed taking part and eagerly await the results…

What were your overall impressions of the competition?

Dohha: Some of the questions were challenging, but we persevered and worked as a team.

How did you feel representing Sulivan today?

Suha: We are the first Year 6 class to enter this competition. I hope that every Year 6 class gets to do this in the future.

What was the best part of the competition?

Mia: Today was very exciting! I enjoyed working as a team to answer the questions as quickly as possible!

What book did you read for the competition and did you enjoy it?

Lilli: I read Ever Dark. It is not the type of book that I would normally read, but it is really good to try new things!

You have read other books by Katherine Rundell like “The Explorer”. Would you recommend her books?

Tesnim: Katherine Rundell is a very talented author who always takes you on an adventure. I want to read her new book called ‘Roof Toppers’.

What would you say to your team now you have completed the competition?

Mohamed: My team did really well. Some questions were tricky, but we got there in the end!

How did it feel taking part in the competition for the first time?

Amir: I felt quite nervous at the start, but once we started we were so focused and we had lots of fun!

Jessica: I really enjoyed reading the book and I learnt a lot! It was a wonderful opportunity for us all! ​