Year 4 Netball scores highly!


One of the highlights of this term must be the Netball games in P.E. lessons. Children in Year 2- Year 6 have been playing weekly games and have shown great improvement over the last few weeks. They really enjoy the opportunity to play a team sport, the competition and chance to show the ball skills they practise in P.E. Year 4 have certainly risen to the challenge and have impressed our PE coach, Miss Stringer, with their skills and attitude during matches.

“It has been wonderful to see the positive attitudes and skills on the court. The children have really enjoyed the matches and everyone has taken part. Year 4 have particularly stood out as very good players. We are looking forward to more matches soon!”

Our wonderful world- Year 1 explorers travel to Africa


In the Spring term our enriched curriculum focuses on the theme Explorers. This allows the children to learn about the different cultures, countries, traditions and literature from a range of countries. Pupils learn to locate places, continents, countries and oceans using maps and plans. Owl Class have learnt about the different climates and the physical and human features found in Africa. They learn to ask and answer questions when comparing them to our local geography. Their learning has reached across a range of subjects, including geography, art and design, cooking and nutrition.

‘My favourite part learning about Ghana was weaving the kente cloth as it was really fun!’ – Kenza

‘I liked the colour and the patterns. My pattern was green and yellow and it looks nice!’ – Khalil

In Owl Class, we have been learning about the continent of Africa. We know that Africa is made up of 54 countries and lots of happy people! We focused our learning on a few of the 54 countries, including: Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco and South Africa. We read lots of fiction and non-fiction books to help us understand what life might be like in some of these countries, such as: Handa’s Surprise, Lila and the Secret of Rain, The Colour of Home, Fly Eagle Fly and Masai and I.

When learning about Ghana, we were interested in the colourful clothes and fabrics. We learned that the Ashanti people of Ghana are famous for their bright cloth called Kente cloth and they make it by weaving together silk and cotton. Each pattern and colour has a different meaning and symbol. Originally, it was only worn by kings and their court and now anyone can buy Kente cloth. Children learnt to weave their own Kente cloth using paper. We thought about the colours we would like to represent ourselves and the patterns on the strips.

Year 5 entrepreneurs impress at Young Enterprise competition


Our Year 5 class have been impressed us with their creativity and innovative ideas this week by taking part in the Young Money Challenge which is a national competition open to all 4-19 year olds in the UK. The Challenge is an annual programme that encourages children and young people to consider the connection between money management and wider issues affecting local and global communities. This year’s theme is money management and health and wellbeing! The children explored how healthy choices can impact their bodies, minds and finances. The children worked in teams to create something that helps people to take care of their money and their health and wellbeing.

Maple Class have written this report on the event:

In Year 5 we had a day to remember. We competed in the Young Money Challenge which we called Dragons’ Den. The challenge was to create something to help people take care of their money and their health and well-being. We worked in teams and used our creativity and growth mind sets to be patient, to listen to others, and to work to achieve our creations. Maple Class put in a lot of hard work and never gave up. We had a lot of fun and really enjoyed working in our teams. At the end we presented our creations to each other. We are all very proud. ​

Year 1 reading garden… you won’t believe your eyes!


You might have been surprised by what you saw in our garden this week…children reading to plants! Owl Class ( Year 1) have been enjoying good books with some unusual listeners! To encourage reading and wellbeing, the children read their favourite stories aloud to the flowers and plants in our nature garden. It was such an enjoyable and peaceful afternoon, they think they will come back again.

Garden School is an important part of every child’s education at Sulivan. Every class two Garden School lessons each week. This is a vital part of our enriched curriculum and is supported by our gardener. Teachers plan a range of stimulating learning experiences, wellbeing activities and “Just Be” time for children to enjoy and benefit from the natural world.

Sulivan Superheroes raise £900 for Red Nose Day!


We had a wonderful time raising money for Comic Relief. The school was full of superheroes, all doing their part to help others. We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite superheroes, taking part in a school quiz and giggle-a-thon.

There are all sorts of superheroes and our children reminded us of some of them:

  1. Batgirl
  2. Spiderman
  3. My mummy
  4. Doctors
  5. Batman
  6. Nurses
  7. Supermarket workers
  8. Teachers
  9. Bus drivers
  10. My daddy
  11. ME!