A Christmas Fairytale


Once upon a time there were some teachers who worked at a wonderful place called Sulivan. It was a place full of hope, joy and happiness.

Usually, every Christmas everyone at Sulivan came together to sing and perform. It was always magical. One Christmas the teachers decided to find a special way to celebrate so they plotted and planned a way to bring Christmas cheer to the Sulivan family.
“It’s panto time!” they cried.

“Pantomimes are a traditional way to bring singing and acting to life at Christmas” remembered one teacher.
“They make people laugh and feel very jolly” chuckled another teacher.

From that day onwards, the teachers and children worked tirelessly to practise and practise so that their panto was ready to surprise their families. They learnt a new version of a traditional tale and worked as a team to make sure it was ready for Christmas time.

” I just know this will make my family smile” thought one child.
“It has been such fun to work together to make something so special” remarked another child.

Finally the day came. The school would send the pantos to the families. They hoped it would be the greatest gift of all.

All the children and the teachers crossed their fingers tightly and wished and hoped (and hoped and wished) that their hard work would spread happiness and laughter to everyone they loved.

Eagerly, they waited to hear if indeed their pantomimes were a success. What would they think? Will it bring the joy they had hoped for?

There was only one thing to do.
Sit back, relaxed and enjoy the show.

With Christmas cheer (and jingle bells)

from the Sulivan teachers.