Starting at Sulivan- Reception Class 2020


Welcome to Sulivan! It is my enormous pleasure to welcome the families and children who are starting at Sulivan in September 2020. I look forward to meeting you all, in person, as soon as we can.

Although currently many things are uncertain and changing, let me assure you that the Sulivan spirit remains strong; our teachers continue to support the learning and well-being of our children and we are working together to care, consider and have compassion for each other. It is with the same dedication that we will be ready with a warm welcome for our new Reception children who will start with us in September.
Starting at Sulivan means your child will be nurtured and excited to learn as they take their first steps into school. We pride ourselves on being a happy place for all children and we look forward to getting to know all the different personalities in our Reception 2020 class. We value every child as an individual so that they reach their potential and this is never is this more important than when they begin school in Reception.
Growing at Sulivan, children develop skills and talents, friendships and self- confidence. I believe that “from little seeds, grow mighty trees” and it is the way we nurture and provide for our children that enables them to reach their potential. Sulivan has high expectations for all children and we believe this is achieved by compassion, challenge and developing strong relationships with children and their families.
Connecting with Sulivan. If you are starting with us in September or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school either by email or telephone 0207 7365869 between 9:00am- 3:30pm.

Wendy Aldridge