Healthy Living Week


This week children have been learning about what it takes to be healthy. Alongside our Sports Day, children have been learning about healthy foods. Members of our School Council organised to sell fruit during their break time on Friday 17th June to raise money for the school.

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Sports Day at Sulivan 2016


We held our annual Sports Days this week at the Hurlingham Club in Fulham. Children in Key Stage 2 took part in a range of races and games including long distance running and javelin throwing, whilst the younger children took part in Egg and Spoon races, parachute games and sack jumping races.

Tayia (3/4W) said “I enjoyed watching the sprinting race and how everyone was trying their best and persevering”. Elle (1/2G) said “I love Sports Day – especially the running, because I like doing exercise”.

Coming soon…Caya’s (3/4R) report on Sports Day including interviews with the children!

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