Drama Workshop


On 28th September we were lucky enough to have a visit from the a drama workshop company called Perform. They worked with our Key Stage 1 and Reception classes throughout the day providing workshops with a magical theme; a scary witch and friendly dragon were some of the characters brought to life!

What a wonderful way to introduce their new Once upon a time topic.

Drama Workshop

Eid Celebrations


On 25th September we celebrated Eid-al-Adha. Throughout the morning classes learnt about how families celebrate the festival through fun activities and presented their work in a sharing assembly.

During lunchtime lots of families brought in party food and set up an amazing display of dishes for the children. At 2pm the school hosted an Eid party. Families were able to take part in a range of activities including  icing biscuits, having beautiful henna designs on their hands, making Eid cards and learning how to write in Arabic.

It was a fantastic afternoon and a lot of fun for all. A total of 260 people attended this year. Thank you to everyone who donated food to our party!



Coffee Morning


On 24th September we held our very own Macmillan coffee morning to raise money for the charity. We were pleased to welcome lots of new parents to have a cup of coffee and a slice (or two) of cake. Thank to our PTA who organised the event and thank you for all of the yummy donations!

A successful morning and importantly raising money for charity.


Coffee Morning

Stay and Make


On 22nd September we invited all Key Stage 1 parents and carers in to classrooms to work with their children. Parent partnership is very important to us at Sulivan. It was so lovely to see parents and children working together. The challenge was to turn an empty shoe box in to a model of their bedroom.  We have some very talented parents!

Stay And Make

Stay and Read


On 18th September it was our first ‘Stay and Read’ of the year. We invite parents and carers to stay and read every Friday from 9am. This year parents in Key Stage 2 are coming too! It is a special time for families to share books and spend some quality time together.

Stay And Read

Instrument Demonstration Assembly


On 15th September, we invited our peripatetic teachers in to host an assembly where Key Stage 2 children were able to learn about the different instruments. All children in Key Stage 2 have an opportunity to learn to play an instrument in small group lessons and they can currently choose from violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and guitar. Thank you to our very talented team of peripatetic teachers who inspired 70 children to sign up for lessons! We look forward to their first concert.

Instrument Demonstration Assembly