We are delighted  to announce the outstanding 2014 SATs results in Year 2 and Year 6. These show that our school continues to go from strength to strength and we are very proud of our children’s progress and achievements.

The KS1 results are our best on record and 100% of our children in Year 2 have made at least two levels of progress this year.

100% of our children in Year 6 have made two levels of progress from the end of KS1 to KS2 (national expectation). I am sure you will share our pride in these excellent results.

Key Stage 1 Reading Writing Maths
KS1 Level 2 +
2013 National %
KS1 Level 2b +
(national expectation)
95% 87% 95%
KS1 Level 3 37% 32% 32%
Key Stage 2 Reading Grammar, Spelling
& Punctuation
KS2 Level 4+(national expectation) 94% 83% 100%
2013 National % 86% 74% 85%
KS2 Level 5+ 55% 68% 55%
KS2 Level 6 16%
L4+ Maths and English Combined 94%
L 4+ Writing   94%
L5+  Writing   35%
L6  Writing  3%

The School’s future- update


On Monday 23rd June 2014 the newly-formed Cabinet of Hammersmith & Fulham Council voted overwhelmingly to begin the process of reversing the decision the close Sulivan School and expand New Kings School. The new Council is planning to introduce a lot more affordable homes to rent in the south of the Borough and they feel that reducing the number of primary school places available would not be wise under these circumstances.

Of course this decision, like the previous one, is a legally binding one and it must go through due process, so a new public consultation will run from now until the middle of August. During the six-week consultation period parents, residents and interested people will be encouraged to express their views regarding the Council’s wish to keep both Sulivan and New Kings School open, serving the community as they have done so well for so many years.

The whole Council will meet again in September to consider the responses from this latest consultation before it makes its final, legally-binding decision. Because the timing of this, the Council has made it clear to Sulivan that the school can go ahead and plan for the coming year with confidence.

Please do offer your comments and support to the public consultation.


By Tuesday 12th August

Objections and comments should be made by sending such objections or comments to

Mr Alan Wharton

Children’s Services

2nd Floor, Kensington Town Hall

Hornton Street

London W8 7NX