Sulivan Choir sing at Chelsea Football Club


Children from Years 3 to 6 were invited to sing at Stamford Bridge on Thursday 30th November. The children sang beautifully and got everyone in to the festive spirit!

Year 3 attend a Royal College of Music Concert


Our Year 3 classes went to watch a concert led by the Royal College of Music in Pimlico on Tuesday 21st November. They had great seats and could see the orchestra really close up! They saw instruments that had never seen before like the contra bassoon, tuba and double basses.

Year 3 celebrate Roman Day


To end the Roman topic, Year 3 had a Roman day on the 29th of November. They baked bread, learnt about Roman numerals and enjoyed a Roman style feast. Then on the 30th of November the parents came into the hall to view our Roman exhibition. The children were able to talk about all they had learnt.


Year 6 graduate from University!


Our Year 6 class took part in an ‘Into University’ project last week. The project gave them an opporunity to think about what they would like to be when they grow up, and how they may reach their goals through further education. Children took part in a range of activities including drama, presentation skills and team work, concluding with their very own graduation ceremony!

Festival of Music


On 10th July our Festival of Music began which included 70 instrumentalists performing to their friends a families in a series of concerts. We were very proud of their achievements. Thank you to our peripatetic team; Mr Norman, Mr Murgatroyd, Mr Clarkson, and Miss Penney who came in to perform and lead the concerts.

Year 6 go on School Journey


Our Year 6 children have enjoyed their week away from school! A big thank you goes to Mr Walker, Mrs Rankin and Mr Richards who gave up their time to take the children.


Sports Day 2017


On Monday 22nd May we enjoyed our annual Sports Day at the Hurlingham Club. Running, long jump, sack race, the egg and spoon race and javelin throwing were some of the activites our children took part in. Well done to all the children for taking part, and to Miss Roberts and Miss Stringer who organised a fabulous day.

Year 6 take to the roads


Year 6 have been taking part in their cycling proficiency training this week. Lessons begun in the playground where they learned how to stay safe on the roads, be considerate riders, and how to ensure their bike is safe to ride. The children have now taken to the roads!