At Sulivan every child has the chance to access enriching experiences, through a variety of ways. We plan for our lessons and extra-curricular activities to be broad and enriching. In addition to this, we organise special events, visitors, off-curriculum days, and family events to enrich our pupils’ lives and challenge them to aspire to be peopel who leave a mark on the world.

Some opportunities are whole-school initiatives, while others are focussed on small groups or individuals.

Music and Drama

We have a history of delivering excellent musical provision from Nursery to Year 6. Regular music lessons, embedded music experiences in class and multiple extra-curricular opportunities mean that the children are able to access music in a variety of ways whilst at Sulivan. All children are welcome to join one of our 3 choirs. We have gained recognition for our excellence in music provision and we are proud of our achievements which include:

  • Sing Up
  • Primary Proms
  • African Drumming
  • Choirs
  • Glee Club
Extra- curricular opportunities

Last term 220 children took part in 16 different extra-curricular clubs and activities. This term we have X clubs running after school. These are often over subscribed and offer all children a wonderful opportunity to develop interests and skills. The school uses a range of external providers that bring expertise and specialisms to our extra- curricular activities. Teacher and support staff also lead clubs each term which allows us to offer a range of clubs throughout the week.

Whole School enrichment

Every term we organize a whole-school enrichment week. These are an exciting and motivating way for children to use a range of skills and work in new and exciting ways at school.

Friendship Day- It’s all about teamwork!

The Secret Garden – Sulivan’s wonderful week of words in the wild

Eid- al – Adha– R.E. curriculum day followed by a family party

Green- Creativity Week- an open-ended week full of creative learning, philosophy, enterprise and innovation.

Writing Week – Life is an Adventure (drama workshops, mixed age challenges, creative writing, gallery display, book shop visits)

Maths Week- lots of practical and challenging activities that showed how maths is all around us!

Living Eggs- We watched 18 eggs hatch in two incubators and observed the early stages of a chicken’s life cycle. Children relished the opportunity to see life begin in their classrooms, hold chicks (under the instruction of Mr Parent) and track their growth in chick diaries, photographs and film.

Family Learning

We value strong partnerships with parents and carers. There are many opportunities for families to learn about school life and learning throughout the year. We hold curriculum workshops where families learn about how their children are taught, take part in learning and visit classrooms to see lessons being taught for themselves! Other activities include Phonics Workshops in Foundation Stage and KS1, African Drumming workshops and Create! mornings in KS1. Also in KS1, every Friday morning parents and carers join their child’s class to Stay and Read, which is an informal time for adults to share reading in classrooms. On Tuesday mornings we invite  Pre-School children (0-3 years) to Rhyme Time to play, sing and socialise- a great way for adults to get to know each other and lots of fun for our smallest members of the community.

Educational Visits and workshops

At Sulivan we believe very strongly that educational visits enhance interest, enthusiasm and achievement for all children.

We endeavour to ensure that all pupils from Nursery age up to Year 6 have the opportunity to make termly visits to the surrounding community and beyond. We take advantage of our prime position in south west London and access to London museums, galleries and exhibitions.

All visits link closely to the topic based approach to learning that we promote at Sulivan. For example children have visited the British Museum as a part of the history focus on the Greeks. Children studying mini beasts take part in the ‘Creepy Crawly’ tour at Fulham Palace. Children studying Roald Dahl have visited the theatre to watch a performance of The BFG.

The children have also attended the Primary Proms and concerts at the Barbican. We also encourage those interested in singing or other performance arts to take part in local borough wide performances outside of school.

Recent visits and workshops have included:

Exploring our local library, Fulham Library- KS1

National Portrait Gallery – Year 1 – Children and Families in portraits

National Portrait Gallery- Year 2- Famous People in portraits

Natural History Museum- KS1- Dinosaurs and Fossils

Littlehampton Beach- KS1- Seaside Habitats and Holidays in the Past

African Drumming Family Workshop- African Music

Theatre Group- The Owl that was afraid of the Dark

Walk-about-London- Visit to famous places in Westminster

V&A- William Morris- Year 5 and Year 6

Lyric Theatre- Year 5

Godstone Farm- Farms- Reception

Hampton Court- The Tudors- Year 3 and 4

Speaker Events– We invite inspirational speakers to talk to the children about a wide range of topics. Recent speakers have included:

Government and democracy by Cllr Steven Cowen, Leader of the Council, Hammersmith and Fulham

Will Dixon- Crew member of Row2Recovery- Crossing the Atlantic

School nurse- People who help us

PC Ray- Keeping safe

Saving Londoners’ Lives- First Aid for Year 6

School Journey

Pupils in Year 5 and 6 have the opportunity to join the School Journey in the Summer Term. This always proves a highlight of their school careers.

Around the World in 4 days!

On Tuesday 24th February we began our trip to go around the world in 4 days! Each class visited every classroom in the school where they learnt about that particular country through fun and interactive activities. Over four days each class managed to visit a total of 8 different countries.