Our experienced team brings with it a host of talents, dedication and forward thinking vision for the school


Miss Aldridge
Miss Genochio
Miss Borowiec
Mrs Hawkins
Miss Perez
Mrs Gates
Mrs Drabble-Castellano
Mrs Jones
Miss Cane
Mrs Craig
Mrs Baxter
Mrs Rankin
Mr Richards
Mr Parent
Miss Allen
Miss Theodoulides
Mrs Morgan
Miss Stringer
Miss Roberts
Mrs Critchley
Mrs Murray
Miss Murray
Miss Murphy
Miss Mirbod
Mrs Hilton
Miss Lovelock
Miss Leni
Miss Kay
Miss Grace
Miss Dunleavy
Miss Beilby
Miss Wheeler
Miss Hayes
Mr Menser
Miss Blanco
Mr Murgatroyd
Miss Gigg
Miss White
Miss Flood
Ms Chelqi
Miss Campbell
Miss Stamp

Leadership Team



Miss Aldridge

Assistant Headteachers

Miss Genochio (Inclusion)
Miss Murray (Core Learning)
Mrs Jones (Assessment)

Foundation Stage

Position Contact Name

Foundation Stage Leader and
class teacher

Miss Perez

PPA Cover Nursery and Reception teacher

Mrs Drabble


 Reception class teachers

Miss Perez

Miss White

Nursery class teacher

Miss Lovelock

Early Years Educator

Mrs Baxter

Miss Beilby

Teaching assistants

Miss Lawal
Miss Theodoulides

Special Support Assistant

Miss Murphy

Midday meals supervisors

Mrs Wilson
Miss Theodoulides
Miss Lawal


Key Stage 1

Position Contact Name
Key stage 1 phase leader Miss Mirbod
Badger class teacher Miss Mirbod
Squirrel class teacher Miss Stamp
Hedgehog class teacher Miss Murray
HL Teaching Assistants Mrs Rankin
Teaching Assistants Miss Cane

Miss Chelqi

Miss Grace

Lower Stage 2

Position Contact Name
Lower key stage 2 phase leader Mrs Hilton
Chestnut class teacher Mrs Murray
Lime class teacher Miss Campbell
Higher Level Teaching Assistants Miss Dunleavy
Special Support Assistant Miss Kinga

Ms Begley

Miss Stringer

Upper Key Stage 2

Position Contact Name
Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader

Willow class teacher

Miss Roberts
Oak class teacher Miss Bradley
 Maple class teacher  Mrs Hilton
Higher Level Teaching Assistants Miss Allan
Mr RichardsMs Craig


Position Contact Name
EAL Intervention/Spanish Teacher Miss Craig
Speech and Language Intervention Miss Kay


Position Contact Name
Music Leader & Woodwind Specialist Mrs Critchley
Brass Specialist Mr Enser
Guitar Specialist Mr Murgatroyd
String Specialist

Keyboard Specialist

Mr Norman

Miss Penney

Admin Staff

Position Contact Name
Senior Admin Officer Mrs Morgan
Admin Officer Mrs Hawkins
Admin Officer Miss Gates
Site Manager Mr Parent